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Last will Consultation

There is no time like the present to get your affairs in order for the future. Who will be executor of your estate? How would you like your assets divided up? Who will care for your children? Do you have guardianship assigned?


With over 35 years of legal experience, Robert E. Bathalter PSC will walk you through the process of drawing up your will and estate. Call us at 859-635-1662 to schedule an appointment.

Take care of your family even after you're gone

Have a living will to take the burden off your family

Don't put your family in the position of having to make difficult choices for you. Drawing up a living will while you are healthy and of sound mind will allow you to decide what type of measures should be taken should you be unable to make those decisions in your time of need.


Our staff can help you map out these decisions in a new living will or to revise a previous one you have. Stop by 8341 E. Main St. to learn more about living wills.

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