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Banlruptcy Filing

Whether you're a business owner or an individual considering filing for bankruptcy, this can be a scary time in your life. Let the caring, experienced staff of Robert E. Bathalter PSC help take some stress away by helping you through this process.


Bankruptcy can happen to anyone for a number of different reasons and we've helped many people through this situation. Call 859-635-1662 to schedule a consultation to talk through your individual situation and how we can help.

Filing for bankruptcy can offer you a fresh financial start

Filing your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Depending on your particular financial situation, Robert E. Bathalter will help you decide whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy would be best to get you back on track with your finances.


Knowing that cost can be an issue during this time, we offer payment plans to alleviate some of the financial burden. Finding the right lawyer to help you through this time will make all the difference in taking control back in your life and finances!

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